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October 18, 2012
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You walked liesurely down the sidewalk near your college campus. It was nearing the end of summer, and the air felt as though it was just beginning to cool. The day was sunny, and overall rather cheerful. Looking up towards the sky, which contained few clouds, you let the warmth sink in.

Just as you looked back down to where you were walking however, you realized a blur obstructed your path.

"Watch ou-" the blur cried, seemingly noticing his own obstruction at the same time. The two of you walked straight into each other, and you were just able to keep balance. The man in front of you, however, was carrying a large plastic container, and upon being unbalanced, continued falling onto the pavement. 

You reached out grabbed the container (since it appeared to be something to contain food, and if it fell it'd be ruined) from him, leaving his hands free to catch himself on the last moment before impact.

"Oof!" he grunted lightly.
"I'm so sorry!" you exclaimed. You were about to help him up when you realized...duh. Hands full. You stood there on the walkway awkwardly as he picked himself up.

"I totally didn't see you! I mean, I could've, I should've been watching where I was going, but, I mean-" you rambled.

The man laughed, now standing on his two legs again. 

"It's perfectly alright, love," he spoke, voice dripping with his British accent. "I was looking at the sky too!"

You vaguely wondered how he knew you were looking at the sky if he had been as well, but dismissed the thought.

"'re okay then? I'm such a clutz. Sorry."

"I'm perfectly well. And you?," he assured. Dang. With large, bright blue eyes and porcelain skin, this guy was adorable. Why did you have to run into him?! He had such a friendly countenance, and even more welcoming smile.


Crap. He'd asked you a question.

"Uh- Oh! Sorry, yeah, I'm fine!" you answered.

"In that case..." the man trailed off, looking down. He seemed thoughtful, almost as if he were deciding whether or not to continue. You leaned in slightly. He glanced around the street awkwardly. "If I could..." he pointed at you. At your hands.


Oh. The food. The truth of the situation hit you like a falling brick pile. Hard. 

"Oh, ha ha ha ha! You probably want that back, huh?!" you laughed, embarrassed. You held out the container and he took it back. 

His overly cheerful smile came right back onto his face. "Thank you for saving them. I'd have make a whole new batch if they'd fallen. Well, if that's all." He nodded in a sort of cute little head bow and continued down the sidewalk. You turned back to the direction you were going. 

"Oh! Silly me! Of course there's something else!" you heard him call out behind you. You turned again to find him rushing up to you. It almost looked like he was skipping, but you managed to not giggle.

"Yes?" you asked.

"I'm trying to deliver these cupcakes around town, but I'm not familiar with the area and I can't seem to find the addresses. Perhaps you could help me." his eyes glimmered hopefully.

"Oh, sure! I know the area like the back of my hand!" you smiled. Upon your smile, his seemed to multipy in size.

"Oh, excellent! My address list is in my back pocket, if you could get it out."

"Uh-" you hesitated, suddenly not feeling so up to the idea,"Okay..."

You walked around him and reached into his pocket, feeling around for paper. Dang this was an awkward position. And You only felt fabric.

"Er, I believe it's in the other back pocket," he said. You looked at the other one, and sure enough, a slip of paper hung out of the opposite pocket. You picked it up, not having to touch anything else in the process. You nearly faceplanted into his shoulder from embarrassment, but you got the feeling you'd felt enough of him for a good while.

"Right, here..." you muttered, holding up the paper semi-triumphantly. You looked up to see the man's face as flushed as you were positive yours was.

"Excellent," he said, hoping to to put the whole thing...behind...the two of you.

"Now, to these addresses."


"Thank you for your help, ___!" your new acquaintence Artie said. You smiled in return. Over the quest to find the marked houses, you two had introduced yourselves to each other. Apparently he was indeed from England, as you'd expected, and he was an avid fan of baking. You'd asked what he was doing in America, and he had simply answered with "business." he didn't seem interested in talking about it, and you didn't want to push.

Of course, if he was only visiting America, it seemed odd that he'd deliver cupcakes to so many people around here. 

It was strange helping him out. It turned out all the addresses belonged to houses in the well-to-do area of town. As if the owners were important people, such as business owners and politicians and the like. And not only that, Artie didn't even ring the door bell at any of the houses. He just left the individually boxed cupcakes by the doors, leaving unseen. What a strange man. Perhaps it was some sort of secret service game?

The two of you stopped walking, having reached the edge of your college campus. 

"Thanks for walking me back," you told Artie.

"No problem, poppet. It's getting dark after all, and you never know who's lurking out at this time of night," his hypnotizing, emotional eyes flashed with concern.

"Oh don't be silly," you told him. "There's no one like that around here!"

"Oh, well, if you say so..." he replied, sending you an odd glance you couldn't read. 

"I'd better go, goodnight Artie!" you said, turning to head to your dormitory

"W-wait, ___?" 

Artie shifted his weight from one foot to the other, looking at the ground.

"Yes?" you asked.

"W-well, I was just wondering...that is, if you wouldn't mind..."

"Mind what?" you asked, encouraging him on. He looked up at you, a bashful expression on his face.

"Well, if you weren't...busy this weekend...perhaps we could, you know, oh shucks. Perhaps we could see each other again?"

You giggled. "Of course!"
What. What is this. Where did this come from. I don't even-

I'm even mildly interested in continuing this nonsense. What has Hetalia done to my mind?
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Le gasp~ Reader-chan touched the butt!
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You walked around him and reached into his pocket, feeling around for paper. Dang this was an awkward position. And You only felt fabric.

"Er, I believe it's in the other back pocket," he said. You looked at the other one, and sure enough, a slip of paper hung out of the opposite pocket.

Oh my god that was so embarrassing
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