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June 27, 2012
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[Insert girls' name] and {insert boys' name} padded softly on the carpeted floor up to where their father sat on his office couch. A few excited whispers were passed between the young pair, and they watched with wide eyes as England flipped another page over in the paper.

"Daddy?" [___] said quietly, pulling the top of the newspaper down so that she could make eye contact with her father.

"Yes darling, what is it?" he returned, a small smile appearing on his tired face.

"Are you okay?"

Earlier that evening he had come home in quite a huff, angered by the lack of progress and the large amount of ceaseless bickering from that day's meeting will the other nation representatives. He hadn't meant to raise his temper so much in front of the children, only blow off some steam to his wife ___. Apparently they had been listening. England's eyebrows furrowed for a moment, annoyed with himself for having once again forgotten that the children seemed to hear everything he said.

"Yes [___]," he said to his eldest child, "Daddy's just had a long day is all."

Impatient to get all the pleasantries out of the way, the younger and slightly more careless child asked, "But you can still play with us, right?" His sister gave him her have-you-no-mind glare, but the two turned to see their father chuckling under his breath and putting aside his newspaper.

"Of course {___}."

The siblings squealed and ran out of the room as England stood up to chase after them.


With {___} sitting on his shoulders and [___] in his arms, England trudged his laden way into the living room. ___was already in there, folding that days laundry.

"And now what shall we do?" England said as he put down the children.

"Play a fantasy game with us!" [___] chattered excitedly, "Like your stories!"

"Yeah!" {___} agreed, jumping around in circles.

"I wanna be a princess!"

"And I'm a knight! A knight!"

"A princess and a knight? Where will your castle be?" you piped in, already knowing the answer.

"The fort!" the siblings shouted in unison and pointing to the fort made from pillows and chairs that they'd spent all morning on.

Taking their places inside the fort, they looked back out at their parents who were grinning at each other.

"Mommy, you have to play too!" {___} wailed.

"An-and daddy, you're the wizard!" [___] giggled. England walked over to the castle fort.

"The wizard? And why would that be?" he asked, a delighted smile spreading further across his face.

"Because you ARE one!" she answered matter-of-factly. Another chuckle escaping him, England ruffled the princess' hair with a low "quite right…"

"And who am I supposed to be?" you asked, happy to be brought into the fun. Everyone turned to look at you, trying to figure out what you were best pictured as. Your daughter squinted in concentration. For a good few moments, the young family was silent.

"There're a lot of stories with step-mothers…?" {___} muttered, looking at his older sister for approval.

"No!" she reasoned, "Step-mothers are evil!"

"Not always."

"But in fairytales they are!"

"I know who she is," England cut in. His children quieted down immediately, ears open to the wisdom of the kingdom's wizard. Knowing he had everyone's undivided attention, he gave a content smirk as he began pacing slowly over to where you were sitting beside the neat piles of laundry.

"With such a flawless face and beautiful, flowing hair, there's only one thing she could be," he stated. You felt your cheeks grow warmer. Where was he going with such flattery?
It was true that England was rather proper among company, but in his own home he could prove to be a terribly charming flirt.

"She's the fairy queen of the forest. An angel sent to watch over all the creatures therein. A glorious leader and healer of creatures big and small…magical and non-magical," and with a sly wink in his children's direction, he leaned down and planted a kiss on ___'s cheek, "And secret object of the wizard's affection…"

As soon as England did that, {___} threw his hands in the air with a loud "EEEWWW!" while [___] clasped her little hands together and giggled.

I enjoyed writing this. Fluff is so much fun...

Hope you all enjoy reading it as well.

I don't own the character England, nor the story he's from.
You own yourself, I would think.
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